Coalition stakeholder Hon Mai Ahmad Fatty Thursday said no injunction can stall the inauguration of President-elect Adama Barrow as The Gambia’s next president.

The Gambia Moral Congress leader spoke at a press conference held at the Kairaba Beach Hotel in Kololi.

He said: “We are aware that they filed an injunction in order to stop the inauguration of President-elect Barrow on January 19. They can file a thousand injunctions… President-elect Barrow will be inaugurated on the 19 January. There is no injunction that can stop that. We know the courts are not properly constituted. It is not grounded because the outgoing president seems to be ignoring every provision of the constitution.

“We call upon President Jammeh to respect the constitution of The Gambia. As the chief executive of the state, we also call upon to upon the laws of this country. Most importantly, we call on him not to continue flouting the laws of this country or abuse the process of the courts. This is not going to help him. It is not going to augur well for a person who ruled this country for 22 years. As a soon-to-be former head of state, he should be careful not to plunge this country into war. That will be a very terrible legacy. And it will be highly disappointing that a person who was given mandate to rule them for 22 years will leave or is bent on leaving this country with permanent scars.”

Written By A Correspondent 

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