U.S. Embassy Press Release, January 12, 2017

We are encouraged by The Gambia’s Supreme Court decision not to hear the election challenge without a quorum.  Doing so would have further undermined public trust in the process.

We again call on President Jammeh to respect the will of the Gambian people, a dozen of his own ambassadors, scores of civil society groups, mayors, and ministers who have all called on him to accept the results of the December 1 election and to again agree to peacefully hand over power to President-elect Barrow on January 19. ‎ A decision by the Supreme Court must not be used as a justification to prolong Jammeh’s term in office beyond the scheduled transition.

We urge President Jammeh to meet with the ECOWAS delegation, headed by Nigerian President Buhari, that is scheduled to travel to The Gambia on January 13 ‎to help facilitate a peaceful and timely transition.

We condemn the further restrictions on freedom of the press that the Gambian Government has imposed by revoking the broadcasting licenses of private radio stations, without explanation.  We call on the Gambian government to reverse this decision and restore the Gambian public’s access to information during this time of uncertainty.

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