Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, has closed Gambia’s border with Senegal, Freedom Radio Gambia can reveal. The border closure, followed reports of a mass exodus of Gambians fleeing the West African nation amid threats of an external invasion from ECOWAS to flush out the despotic Jammeh regime.

President elect Adama Barrow, would be sworn in on Thursday, January, 19th. In the meantime, Jammeh told the visiting African Heads of State headed by president Buhari, that he is willing to allow his Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy to serve as an interim president pending the determination of his election petition scheduled for May.

The African Union has warned that Jammeh would be held responsible for any loss of life and properties in the event he tries to use the security forces to disrupt President elect Barrow’s inauguration. The AU also says it would no longer recognize Jammeh as Gambia’s President.

President elect Barrow has been invited to take part in the ECOWAS meeting scheduled to take place in Mail. Barrow told the BBC in an interview that he is willing have a face to face dialogue meeting with Jammeh.

A source, writing to us said: “Pa, this is a developing story. It has been confirmed that the borders between Gambia and Senegal have been closed by Yay Jammeh despite the fact that people are trying to flee the political crisis and since yesterday afternoon. None of the borders are open. The distraught travelers caught in this saga had to spend the night sleeping rough at the Karang/ Keur Ayub borders. One of my people called me early this morning who was there since yesterday afternoon and he is still stranded at Karang.”

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