It doesn’t look like there is any major breakthrough in President Buhari’s visit to Banjul today to convince the Kanilai jester to reconsider his decision and step down. Jammeh’s demands are irrational and untenable. He doesn’t want to hand over power anytime soon. Dude wants Gambians to go back to the polls. Laughable, right?

The villain VP Isatou Njie Saidy is also part of those encouraging Jammeh not to hand over power to President elect Barrow. The same Isatou Njie Saidy, is secretly communicating with those on the other side pretending that she has been taken hostage by Jammeh. She is a devil carnage. The Transition Team should not trust her at all. She is up to no good.

President Buhari is going to leave Banjul soon. He is expected to brief his colleagues about the outcome of the meeting he had with Jammeh.

Liberian President Sirleaf was quoted as saying that ” We are not saying anything here until we report back to the authority in Mali, tomorrow.

The Buhari delegation couldn’t succeed in convincing Jammeh to step down. Mr. Jammeh maintains that he was cheated during the elections. Hence, he is calling for fresh polls.

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