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President Barrow Cabinet – My observations/predictions

1.      Anyone currently in a job/position normally appointed by the president should treat themselves as a person on notice and acting in that post until confirmed or replaced.

2.      There is always opportunity in chaos. So the flip side of this period of uncertainty has actually got some good things in the making to the benefit of the coalition. It has put their will to the test and provided an opportunity for them to reflect on their weaknesses. It has given the coalition members the opportunity to focus on the common enemy, Jammeh. And in return this means they can anticipate how to settle their future partisan issues when they assume power.

3.      And finally I will aim to predict some ministerial positions below based on my observations. This is a pure guess based on how they have projected themselves during the crisis so far.

4.      Halifa Sallah – Secretary General and Minister of Presidential Affairs (I anticipate this role in a Barrow government to be a very influential position with more power than the Vice President).

5.      A O Jallow – External/Foreign Affairs (purely based on his approachability, a people’s person, though some may think he lacks
Diplomatic experience. But the man in my view is up to the task)

6.      Mr. Mai Fatty – Interior (his current temperament and assertiveness is in line with someone capable of bringing order in this area for managing internal security)

7.      Dr Isatou Touray – Trade, Industry and Economic Planning.

8.      Fatoumata Tambajang – Health, Another educated guess, and that of course goes for the other coalition members who can be assured of a cabinet post, the assigned portfolio is anyone’s guess.

9.      An outsiders I would include in my guess list is Amadou Scattered Janneh – Information Minister (just my personal pick). However there are several such potential individuals.

10.     I cannot see any of the previous ambassadors retaining their positions. A few permanent secretaries may last longer than a year in post.

And now we can go back to the days when school children can be asked questions such as, who is the permanent secretary of xyz ministry, because the word permanent would hopefully now deserve its true meaning in a post Jammeh administration for all jobs.

Now your turn to guess and populate the list.

I would like to stay anonymous. Thanks.

Editors note: The views expressed by the author do not necessarily represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper.. His piece also do not reflect the official cabinet of the Transition. Thanks for your attention. 

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