We have been watching the current constitutional crisis play out and decided to assign grades to the stakeholders.

President Elect Adama Barrow – A.
Mr Barrow has shown political maturity, restraint, vision and love of country. In the face of provocation he remained focus and dedicated to the task of nation building.

Out going President Yahya Jammeh – F.
Mr Jammeh demonstrates total disregard for the law and the civil rights of Gambia. His many twists and turns and lies and tricks is self serving and designed to perpetuate himself in power at the expense of Gambians. He lacks empathy and demonstrates willingness to sacrifice the blood of Gambians for selfish end. He meets DSM criteria for antisocial and narcissistic personality. He has consistent and pervasive disregard for the feeling of others. He is a thief and a liar.

The Coalition – B.
They have shown restraint and dedication to cause. After the first missteps and misstatements on Dec 2, 2016, they rallied together and have served Gambia well. Their leadership of the youths and entire country is responsible for current stability.

GAF – F.
They swore loyalty to a tyrant that they know kills his own people. They swore oat to defend the country and so far failed in their duty to Gambia.

Religious Leaders – A.
They looked the tyrant in the face, and without fear without exception and in a loud voice said ” Let my people go”

Gambians – A.
We told Yahya we don’t love him and we don’t want him. Adama Barrow is our choice.

God Bless The Gambia.

Dr Isatou Sarr

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