Mr Jammeh,

As a Gambian, a daughter, sister and mother I am very concerned about the events that are ongoing in Gambia. Every minute and second counts, I appeal to you, to spare Gambia the possibility of war, insurrection and suffering. There are those in your inner circle that have taken the position that ECOWAS is a toothless bulldog and will not take the necessary actions to remove you from power, there are those who think you can hang on to power if you call ECOWAS bluff. These people are wrong, do not listen to them, they are misguided and are driven by greed.

The reality is and please understand clearly that:
Gambians will not back down. We have chosen Adama Barrow as our new president
ECOWAS is not bluffing they will come for you, if not on Jan 19Th, there will be a day of reckoning sooner or later
GAF is not capable of protecting  and defending you against a real military operation
Your poorly trained soldiers cannot last more than 1 hr when confronted with the superior force of ECOWAS
You and you alone can save your life, the lives of your misguided soldiers and family
No amount of intimidation will change the fact that Adama Barrow will be recognized as the president of Gambia on Jan 19Th.
On Jan 19Th if you fails to handover peacefully you will be declared an enemy of the State
It is understandable you are afraid to face justice for all the crimes against Gambia and the international community, at some point you may end up in prison on drug and weapon charges and murder, but at least you will be alive and enjoy a reasonable comfortable life.

Mr Jammeh, I am not a fan, but if you love Gambia, even you can see the writing on the wall and know the game is up and your regime is over. If you have any sense of decency left, you will do all in your limited  power to salvage the peace and integrity of Gambia. Call Mr Barrow and facilitate a peaceful transition and transfer of power. The results of this crisis is a foregone conclusion, the only uncertainty is when and how. That is your decision. I pray for you as I do The Gambia.

God Bless The Gambia

Dr Isatou Sarr

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