The NLF is concerned with ongoing developments in Gambia and its potential to destabilize the country, it’s immediate neighbours, the sub-region and other countries.

The region is just returning to stability after several years of turmoil in various countries due to the same issue of political power transfer challenges leading to continued social and economic stagnation and slow development.

Gambia has been relatively stable and peaceful over the years, a situation we would like to continue. President Yahya Jammeh has done his best for his country over the decades and deserves commendation for his loyalty to his country.

As a former military officer and later political leader who in both capacities swore the oath of allegiance to the country and its people to serve and defend its interests, we urge him to show the same loyalty in handing over power to Mr. Barrow, winner of the election. It will be recalled that Gambians went to poll on 1stDecember and the election result declared Mr. Barrow the winner. President Yahya Jammeh, had accepted the results and later due to other issues relating to international interferes caused him refusing to cede power.

While we commend President Yahya Jammeh for a peaceful and orderly election, we appeal to his sense of patriotism and value for the rule of law to respect the wish of the Gambian people and assume the status of a statesman that he is. We wish the President-elect will forgive whatever misgivings arising from the post-election challenges and reconcile the Gambian people with the political class as well as accommodate the opposition in order to avoid plunging the Nation to another endless conflict.

“We are very keen to make sure Gambia’s deserves peace is achieved and that is our utmost desire. Hope for all Africans and the can do attitude of positive changes across the continent a reality”. added Dr. Ade

Government is a continuous process and no team has all the solutions and as such expect Mr. Barrow’s administration to accord President Jammeh all the courtesies he deserves as a former President (after all Mr. Jammeh did the same to the late Mr. Dawuda Jawara).

The NLF would also like to call on neighbouring or other African countries to provide temporary resting residential facilities for a limited period for the former President and his families while waiting for his next regional or continental assignment.

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