At a time when Yahya Jammeh has defied the whole world and continues to deploy his troops at key locations throughout the country with orders to shoot and kill Gambians who wants to attend the inauguration of president-elect Adama Barrow, the Gambian wishy-washy ICC Prosecutor is still silent and refusing to intervene to safe the people from a possible bloodbath following Jammeh’s determination not to respect the choice of the people and to prevent any swearing in ceremony to take place.

bensoudaFollowing the refusal of Jammeh to step down and hand over power to Barrow, the last visit of the Heads of state from ECOWAS was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. We are informed of advanced military preparations around the borders to step in and force Jammeh to quit.It now appears that AU and UN are preparing to send 800-man troops to intervene militarily within the next few days. Their biggest achievement was to move Adama Barrow out of the country and out harms way. He will be returning as President of the Gambia in less than a week Inshalla!.

Military intervention by either ECOWAS or the African Union would not constitute any infringement of our territorial sovereignty but rather it would be lawful response to Jammeh’s intransigence to step down and allow the president elect Barrow to be sworn into office. He (Jammeh) has even decided to seek court injunction against Barrow’s inauguration after failing to use an impromptu supreme court to annul the election results.

While Fatou Bensouda is still insisting not to meddle in politics when tens of thousands of Gambians are fleeing into neighboring countries, she no longer has the moral justification to call herself a true daughter of this country ignoring the reality of chaos descending in her own country.There is no atrocity that is more important than to respect the will of the people who voted for freedom and liberty. Even if her job is not to intervene in the politics of member nations, her country is under siege. 

Now is the time for her to join ECOWAS, AU and the UN to stop this devil calling himself president before plunging the country into carnage. Our peace and security at stake. We are not asking Fatou Bensouda to do illegal things, we just want her to intervene in the cause of justice and peace to stop her former boss from refusing to hand over power and putting the lives of his people in danger. Gambians have decided and that decision must be respected.

Written By An Insider

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