Hi Pa,

Thank you for all the effort over the years. I have always listened to your radio show however, tonight I thought it’s time to contribute to the show.

Regarding the letter from the transition, I don’t believe its a genuine one from the coalition. This must be someone from the Jammeh regime, who is trying to create chaos and misunderstanding between us and Senegal and to also confuse our trust within the Coalition.

We tried our best to get to this stage therefore, we should not retreat because of Jammeh’s scrupulous and self interest. Senegal has always been on our side on this issue from day one. Lets not come and start thinking that they are involving in our transition or how we need to run our country.

We have been unable to change Yaya Jammehs decision to step down since the victory, even the coalition to appear on our Nation Tv GRTS has not been possible. How can we believe that it is safe for Barrow to be in the Gambia at this era.

No one should trust Jammeh and his team. They are only trying to manipulate the Gambian mind. Bring as much of confusion and mix up before they leave and after their departure.

My advise is that you that have the ability to speak to the Gambians, to help encourage togetherness and stay positive that the wrong doer never wins.

We should not forget that there are families who are looking for answers regarding their love ones that are missing, that have been wrongfully killed etc. If the fight has to happen let it be. At least we know this is what Allah bestowed upon us and is suppose to happen .

But Jammeh has to be accounted for and I’m sure every Gambian is in need of this one way or the other.

Please, lets stay focused and help to bring the country forward together.

Many thanks.

Haddy Faal

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