Yaya Jammeh pranking HE Ellen Johnson Sirleaf live on GRTS is unheard of in the history of peers’ telephone conversation. This is the height of banditry attitude.

Shame on our uncivilized outgoing bandit. Yaya Jammeh has always played with the trust of people. Yaya Jammeh knows he has three more days to go.

On several occasions during his 22 years banditry rule, Yaya never upheld the constitution for a loosing candidate. Lawyer Darboe appealed to the Supreme Court twice in 2006 and 2011 to hear his case but Jammeh went ahead and swore himself before the determination of the courts simply because he was declared winner by the IEC. Now that the tables have turn around Jammeh clinches on the Supreme Court and discounts the IEC. Really Jammeh!

Today Yaya Jammeh wants us to believe he is a law-abiding person whiles pranking his fellow president live on TV?

This pranking action alone shows that Yaya Jammeh is not a genuine and reliable partner who believes in laws and protocols.

Yaya Jammeh has never accepted making a mistake nor has he ever apologized to anyone and yet he wants others to show remorse and understanding on his present fate? Who organized the elections? Who selected the IEC Chairman? Didn’t all political parties counted the votes on the spot?

Political parties have always cried fouled in the past, did Yaya Jammeh listen or heed to their call? Let Yaya Jammeh give the world a break.

If Yaya Jammeh wants the world to listen to him, let him allow the President elect to talk to Gambians on GRTS anytime he wants. Let him open up the media and allow radio stations to broadcast divergent views. At least this would give Gambians and the world the opportunity to make a sound judgment on the ongoing impasse.

Yaya Jammeh has not given a single democratic right to the opposition parties after elections to be heard on GRTS nor to the new president elect and he wants people to believe and listen to him? Come on Yaya!

Jammeh loves watching war movies but Yaya has never been in any battlefield and has never experienced the tensions and horrors involve in a life and death situation in a war zone. Here he is, playing the hero role, ushering big words that will never translate into bullets when action kicks in.

If Jammeh dares prank a fellow president live on TV, which other president would want to talk to Yaya Jammeh? This action alone is the highest misconduct demonstrating to the world that Yaya Jammeh can neither be trusted nor given a respite.

The world now calls it quits with Jammeh and the deadline must be respected.

Thank you.

Baboucarr Bojang.

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