Liberian Information Minister Mr. Eugene Nagbe, has said that Gambia’s President elect Adama Barrow, will be officially sworn in today in The Gambia, amid the expiration of outgoing dictator Yahya Jammeh’s term. Mr. Jammeh’s five year Presidential term, as stipulated by Gambia’s constitution expired at midnight Gambian time on Wednesday. Information Minister Nagbe, was speaking in an interview with VOA Daybreak Africa program Managing Editor and host James Butty. “In keeping with the constitution of the Gambia and in keeping with the position of ECOWAS, the president-elect of the Gambia, Mr. Adama Barrow, will be installed in the Gambia on Thursday, as is required by the constitution of the Gambia. By mid-night on Wednesday, the tenure of Mr. Yahya Jammeh, would have expired and then on Thursday Mr. Adama Barrow will be installed as president of the Gambia in the Gambia,” said Mr. Nagbe.

The Liberian Information Minister maintains that Barrow’s inauguration would go ahead on Thursday, despite Jammeh’s earlier claim that he is not going to step down. He adds that the groundwork for Barrow’s safe escort to Banjul, has been put in place ahead of the inauguration.

“It will be possible because the president-elect, Adama Barrow, will go to the Gambia Thursday, where he will be inducted and inaugurated as the president of the Gambia,” he added.

Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, is the Chairperson of ECOWAS. Information Minister Nagbe said President Barrow is the legitimate President of The Gambia. He told VOA’s James Butty that Barrow’s legitimacy has been recognized by ECOWAS, the African Union and the international community.

“ ECOWAS’ position is very clear that the mandate of the Gambian people of the Gambia as expressed in the election in December wherein Mr. Barrow won the election freely and fairly must be respected, and the constitution of the Gambia also must be respected. So, on Thursday President-elect Barrow will be inaugurated and he will be recognized not just by ECOWAS but also by the African Union and the rest of the world,” he said.

“The final decision is that the will of the people of the Gambia must be respected and that president-elect Barrow must be inducted into office.  Now ECOWAS has always said that military option is not the first option; it’s the last option. So we still expect President Jammeh before the mid-night deadline to see reason to cede power to the duly elected president, but all options are on the table,” he concluded.

Source: VOA Daybreak Africa. 

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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