President Adama Barrow, has been officially sworn in as Gambia’s third president since post-independence in 1965. He took his oath office, and allegiance today in the Senegalese Capital Dakar. Mr. Barrow is the winner of the past Gambian presidential elections. He defeated incumbent dictator Yahya Jammeh. Mr. Jammeh is refusing to step down despite local and international calls for him to relinquish power.

President Macky Sall of Senegal has played a pivotal role in ensuring that Mr. Barrow’s electoral victory is not subverted by Jammeh. He spearheaded a UN resolution for the UN Security Council to compel Jammeh to step down. The Resolution is being debated at this hour for voting.

In the meantime, ECOWAS forces are on standby along The Gambia/ Senegal border waiting for green light from the UN to launch a military operation to unseat Jammeh from power. The UN, late Thursday, approved a resolution asking dictator Jammeh to step down from power. 

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