Gambia our homeland and our patriotic obligation to defend her sovereignty, people and property. The Gambia is bigger than any one Gambian; egos, personalities and aspirations.

Jammeh was successful in his trickeries to blind most Gambians under the pretext of religion, nationalistic sycophantism and Pan-Africanism. Many Gambians bought his garbage but as he entrenched himself many genuine and level headed Gambians were able to read within the lines and swift to figure out that his rhetoric do not match nor support his actions. He is the biggest con-artist, a lunatic swindler who use the state media to cajole the nation with misinformation and false propagandas. Jammeh and his inner circle were not soldiers with a difference but same all power hungry loots who were envious of the power structure and democratic principles. The true test of a man’s character is manifested when power is entrusted. Every Gambian regardless of political affiliations can attest that Jammeh is the most arrogant human being, he has never shown compassion and respect for the Gambian people during public addresses as seen on GRTS or at rallies for 23 years but perpetually show cased himself as a supernaturally divined human beyond counsel and questions and that Gambia and her innards belong to him and if you breathe air within the borders of the Gambia your choices are either kiss his ass or be terrorized. His words are always harsh, no sense of humor, insulting and in most cases threatening. It is also common knowledge that he came in hungrily broke and emptied the national coffers, from zero wealth and possessions to Africa’s richest president; Business ventures, multi-million dollars real estates across the globe and immeasurable liquid assets in off shore safe heavens.

My intent for this short publication to is reach all Gambians more sure APRC supporters to shed light on what is already a truism;  that Jammeh was not in this for Gambia but for himself as clearly manifested in his actions as current events unfold:

  • He doesn’t respect the supreme law of the land; The Gambian constitution. He never had to consult it because he belief he is above it, only referred to it when he need to inscribe one more draconian law with the help of his criminal judicial staff and the futile good for nothing National Assembly.
  • Bankrupted the country and crippled the economy by unilaterally disbursing funds for personal use, his outright interferences, bad and repressive regulations not friendly to investors and business in general.
  • Cost of living skyrocketed which has no partisan bias and nondiscriminatory. He warned Gambians about his plans to make it impossible for decent living in the country when he proclaimed at a gathering that someday Gambians will buy a bag of rice several times more than the price at the time in an effort to turn all in panhandlers if not for the goodness and family oriented Gambian diaspora who kept families going by remittances and shipments.
  • Jammeh arrogantly and blatantly looked us in our eyes and bluffed of the enormous wealth he stole from us and bragged that generations of his progeny will never worry about being poor when majority of families are worried about daily sustenance, hospitals poorly equipment and staffed, education standards hitting rock bottom, acute shortage of water and electricity and other essential infrastructure falling apart.
  • Finally, after Gambia endured all the pain and horror for 22 years while he and his family live super extravagant, he is ready to plunge the country into war to kill Gambians and vandalize our limited infrastructure, public and private property for his extreme lust for power and to feloniously safeguard his ill-gotten possessions.

Supporters and sympathizers of Jammeh and the APRC party, you all saw jammeh’s true colors and there is no excuse for it. He used you all against your friends, family, countrymen and women and betrayed the place we all call home, the Gambia. He destroyed the social fabrics of our society and turned us against each other, destroyed our economy, our democratic institutions, indelibly stained our global reputation and to end his episode he want to take the entire country with him.

Let us all stand in solidarity for country and flush out the cancerous Jammeh. As sovereign people and nation, all diplomatic and peaceful resolutions were vigorous pursued to no avail but as a member state of regional and international bodies, Gambia had appended signatures to protect her citizenry and territory from the evils of men like Jammeh, though tough but we have to respect those hard decisions so that history can record precedents for dictators like him.

I thank you all and LONG LIVE NEW GAMBIA



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