Pa, now that the dice has been cast and the dust has settled, I wonder what Sam Sarr is doing at the Gambian Embassy in the United States as our so-called Ambassador or Representative to the United Nations. Gambians must remember that during the uprising that claimed the life of Solo Sandeng, this same Sam Sarr gave Yahya Jammeh a carte blanche to unleash bullets in the crowd that was peacefully demonstrating for electoral reforms.

In the heat of the election crisis, Omar Faye took the bold initiative to denounce Yahya Jammeh and ask him to hand over power to Adama Barrow who was clearly the winner of the election. Soon after that, Yahya Jammeh decided to recall Omar Faye and Sam Sarr was very happy to call himself Ambassador to the United States.

Today, Yahya Jammeh has relinquished power after having dissolved parliament some days ago, and relieved the appointment of the rest of his ministers. Sam Sarr is technically not suitable to serve the Gambia as an emissary overseas because he is nothing but an enemy to the Gambian nation and a very dangerous and unfaithful Gambian.

Even at the heat of all the resignations from within the government, Sam Sarr still had the audacity to go on social media defending Elhaj Diouf of Senegal for defending Yahya Jammeh’s rights to contest an election he clearly lost. This same Elhaj Diouf had today asked Yahya Jammeh to relinquish power in the interest of peace. Sometime last week, Sam Sarr wrote on his facebook page again defending a defunct national assembly that decided to extend the mandate of an illegitimate President.

Pa, I wonder what education this man who called himself an author had because an intelligent person does not behave as Sam Sarr who is nothing but an architect of doom as far as Gambian history is concerned. He has contributed nothing towards this political impasse other than fuel more energy for Yahya Jammeh to remain in power unlawfully beyond January 18.

The Barrow government must act swiftly and recall Sam Sarr with immediate effect because he represents former President Jammeh and not the Gambian people. The new government should not be associated with a person that perpetuates the murder of its fellow citizen out of nothing but shear greed for power.

It is disheartening to note that he wrote on facebook today technically apologizing to the Gambian people after all the distress and fear he had unleashed on us. It is shameful for Sam Sarr to come out with his crocodile tears and pledge allegiance to the Barrow government after all his “Babili Mansa” rhetoric.  In his so-called apology to the Gambian people, Mr. Sarr said on facebook “I am just a true believer but also an ordinary human being capable of committing mistakes; nonetheless, I hope my apology will be accepted wholeheartedly and not viewed as a sign of weakness of guilt”.   This is not only a shameful statement but unbecoming of someone who had clearly told the Gambian people that he will shoot and kill anyone that tries to unseat Yahya Jammeh’s government.

Today, Jammeh is gone and so Sam Sarr should cease to be an employee of any sort to the Gambian government abroad. The new government should not wait for his term of office to expire at the United Nations in May 2017. He should not be representing a people that he had clearly pledged to kill in his capacity as the Gambia’s 2nd top diplomat to the United Nations.

Ebou Ngum – Everett Washington

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