Yahya Jammeh and his entourage are at the Banjul international airport, awaiting to leave the Gambia for good. The dictator, who used to brag that he is going to rule the Gambia for one billion years, is today leaving the Gambia without his free will. He is fleeing from justice. He is fleeing from accountability. Mr. Jammeh be from now on become a refugee in Guinea Conakry.

Jammeh’s henchmen appeared sad and distressed. The airport is a ghost airport today. Jammeh and his enablers are crying.

This was the day, we have been working for Gambia. Yahya Jammeh is history. He was booed while leaving town. His supporters have all went into hiding. The end of Jammeh has becomes a sad story. All his so called loyalists have abandoned him.

Security agencies, including the NIA are on the ground at the airport to see off Jammeh. They are all crying. Some couldn’t believe that this day would ever arrived. Their boss Yahya Jammeh, is leaving them behind. Now they have to face the Gambian people, and explain the atrocities they perpetrated in the name of consolidating Jammeh into power.

The Gambia is going to be an interesting country in coming days, weeks, and months. There are many untold stories. Jammeh’s mess and carnage would be exposed for all to see.

Meanwhile, President Adama Barrow, told Al Jazeera TV, that he told the people who were involved in the negotiations for Jammeh to step down to ask Jammeh to leave the Gambia in the interest of peace. He said it would be hard for his government to accomplish its mission if Jammeh’s continues to live in The Gambia, as a private citizen. Mr. Barrow said Mr, Jammeh is free to return to the Gambia, later,  but for now, he should just pack and leave.

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