I wish to congratulate his Excellency the president Adama Barrow for a well earned victory.    I call on all Gambians to give him full support so he can restore democracy, rule of law and bring in a lot of development for the good of all Gambians

However, he must deal with the dangerous enablers first, particularly in the parasatals  and especially the managing directors who now see these companies as their personal properties.

Chief amongst them is BABOUCARR SANYANG the so-called king of Gamtel.   He has caused so much havoc and economic crimes against Gamtel and the state.   For starters, he connived with BALA JESSEY and SAUL BADJIE to be depriving the company and the nation of almost 4million dollars monthly earned from monthly international telephone settlements.   Gamtel used to manage the international gateway all by ourselves and collect these monies by ourselves for the development of Gamtel until Baboucarr came in as MD.  He had no qualifications to be an MD as he was just the boss of the linesmen.  He brought in a crook Swiss company called MGI together with Bala jessey to manage the international  gateway.  This was only done as a way for MGI to collect these 4 million dollars monthly and share part of  it amongst  Babucarr, Bala jessey and some other high level  people who will be exposed soon.   We know what is happening in detail as we are not fools.   MGI did not make any investment in Gamtel except the DPI equipment they used to block freedom radio, viber, whattsup etc.   These whole gateway issue should be looked into quickly by setting up a commission of enquiry on it.  It is important because the monthly four million dollars is foreign currency and Gambia needs this money.  We the insiders will help the commission establish everything.   Bala Jassey who was just a handy man at Sheraton Hotel a few years ago is now a multi-millionaire with multimillion dollar homes.  Baboucarr Sanyang, the most corrupt MD is equally rich feeding on the international gateway.  Baboucarrs wife flying all over the world with funds from the gateway provided by corrupt Baboucarr Sanyang.  We are not fools and we have a lot of information.

He has also constantly given millions of dalasis to the former president as birthday gifts and tens of millions as special gifts.  Please set up a commission quickly on this man and you you will see the economic crimes this empty MD has been committing,

Baboucarr is the most hated guy in the Telecoms industry in the Gambia.  He suppressed all the GSM operators with the intension of making them fail.  The ACE project is a typical example and you can ask them all.  He was also on the verge of closing GSC.

Baboucarr Sanyang also connived with one LAMIN SAIDY to bring in a new company just to kill the current Gamtel owned CDMA network which is a modern and far more superior that this scrap system he brought.  Obviously he is doing  this because he is corruptly benefitting from this alliance.  No one of us has seen the contract document and we do not know how the revenue sharing is done or what each party has invested.   We need to investigate this seriously too.

Baboucarr also adapts the divide and rule and he has his special camps within the company which has a very negative effect on the company.  He is so vicious and feared within the company that he does anything he likes.   I urge that an urgent enquiry be done quickly on this guy.   Baboucarr should be investigated without delay and I am 100% positive  that if this is done he will be jailed for the rest of his life.   Please do this quickly as the next $4M  payment is due in 10 days’ time.  We should have copies of all the CDRs from MGI for the past two years to establish the total revenue that this crooks have deprived Gamtel and the Gambia.

Baboucarr spent over D5M dalasis on the APRC campaign during the last election.  He spent all time campaigning and spend company resources on the APRC, can you imagine a civil servant doing this.  He had Jammehs posters all over his car and he instructed some staff to write down the names of staff suspected to be opposition supporters for dismissal after the elections.  Baboucarr had the believe that GAMTEL was his personal property just like president JAMMEH thought Gambia was his own.

Written By An Insider

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