Dictator Yahya Jammeh has robbed Gambians big time. As we speak, fleets of luxurious cars purportedly belonging to Jammeh, are being loaded into an awaiting cargo plane, destined for Guinea.  Dozens of cars, and other belongings are being flown to Guinea. We are not sure who is the Transition’s legal adviser, but this is one of the worst deals ever negotiated.

Watching this heart-breaking development, one could safely argue that Jammeh has not only rob us as a nation, he has also left a legacy of endemic corruption behind.  Any responsible government ought to have investigated such so called Jammeh assets have been acquired legally or illicitly. Our hearts are bleeding.

Jammeh is the winner in this so called settlement of the political impasse. Jammeh is behaving as if the Gambia owes something. He has the audacity to claim his ill-gotten assets without been expose to due diligence scrutiny. This is absurd Gambia.

Gambia, this is sad. How can our nation allow this daylight robbery? Corruption is being condoned.

Read the following code from ECOWAS: “ECOWAS, the AU and the UN commit to work with the Government of The Gambia to prevent the seizure of assets and properties lawfully belonging to former President Jammeh or his family and those of his Cabinet members, government officials and Party supporters, as guaranteed under the Constitution and other Laws of The Gambia. In order to avoid any recriminations, ECOWAS, the AU and the UN commit to work with the Government of The Gambia on national reconciliation to cement social, cultural and national cohesion.”

How can the new government know if Jammeh’s assets were acquired legally without investigating the source of the assets? Gambia, this is a joke.

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