Former President Yahya Jammeh has congratulated president Adama Barrow in a message read on state TV:  “I hereby wish president Adama Barrow all the best from the bottom of my heart. The Almighty Allah has decided and I will be found wanting if I as a Muslim and a former president do not sincerely wish him and his administration all the best.”

“For the welfare of all Gambians anytime my advice and support is needed by president Adama Barrow, I am ready to offer him sincere advice and services,” Jammeh said.

Mr. Jammeh also announced to donate his rice fields to president Barrow.

“On this note, I hereby donate to President Adama Barrow all the rice that is harvested in my vision 2016 farms. This is the entire harvest for him to give women who have been helping at the farms in Central River Division,” Jammeh concluded.

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