There is a complete breakdown of security in the Gambia. The security forces, who are supposed to protect life and properties are engaged in daylight looting. There is massive looting taking place at the State House at this hour. Soldiers and officers of the armed forces are looting any valuable item that they could lay their hands on—ranging from vehicles, flash screen TV sets, mattresses, refrigerators, bed, clothes, weapons, and so on.  The conduct of some men of our armed forces is reprehensible.

The fall of Yahya Jammeh, has ushered a state of lawlessness within the seat of power in Banjul,  and Kanilai. Yahya Jammeh’s remaining security henchmen left behind are engaged in looting. This begs the question as to: What is the use of having an army Chief of Defense Staff, and also an Inspector General of police?

There have been no security arraignments put in place by our security chiefs or the National Security Council, to coordinate the protection of the State House, and Kanilai, in the aftermath of Jammeh’s fall. Now some rogue soldiers and officers have taking the law into their own hands to loot properties left behind by Jammeh. 

When asked why are they taking properties left behind by Jammeh, in response the officers would say: “Jammeh donated his belongs to us.” Absurd, right? 

As rightly articulated by a current serving security chief, when Jammeh seized power from President Jawara, his assets were protected by the Junta. But that is not the case for the current security dispensation we have in the Gambia. There is a total lapse of security.

The name of James Mendy, a senior military intelligence officer stationed at the State House, came up during the looting. He is allegedly complicit in the looting. James was spotted this morning driving a white pickup roots 1 vehicle, which was given to him by Jammeh carrying all kinds of valuables. Tiles, bed, fridge, and mattresses were loaded in the said vehicle.

Captain Gilbert’s name also featured in the alleged looting. Gilbert is said to be the officer tasked to oversee Jammeh’s properties. He is also taking some valuables from the state house. He was spotted transporting truck full of camels towards Kanilai. He was also seen transporting missile rocket launchers outside Banjul. These deadly weapons could land in the hands of the MFDC rebels.

As we file this report, weapons are scattered in the country. Senegal, and ECOWAS need to step in and protect the country, since our armed forces leadership have been found wanting at this hour. Reports have it that the ECOWAS troops have entered the border village Jibboro.

Meanwhile, dictator Jammeh, has left two jungullars behind. Jungullar Lamin Sambou, whose real name is Bakary Sambou, was left behind. Mr. Sambou has been attached to the police intervention unit. Another Jungullar, who goes with the name Busso, is also in town. Busso, is the driver attached to the jungullars.


IGP Yankuba Sonko, if you are reading us at this time, we know that you are presently at the Kairaba police station chitchatting with your officers. Please deploy your men to the State House and protect the facility. Please help recover the stolen assets.

President Adama Barrow, should issue an Executive Directive henceforth and order the military to stop the looting. All armories should be secured henceforth. Arms are being moved from one destination to the order. This could spell doom for the incoming administration. Watch your back Gambia! 

In another development, security detainees held days before Jammeh’s fall have been released from custody. Some of the released officers were held at the NIA and the Yundum barracks respectively. 

Former Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Momdou Sarjo Jallow, has been released from NIA custody. Also released was Omar Malleh Jabang, the man who was in charge of Jammeh’s sand mining in Kartong. Mr. Jabang later pledged his support for Isatou Touray. GRTS’s Bakary Fatty, has also been released. 

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