President Adama Barrow says the Vice President of his impending cabinet is going to be a woman. Although, he did not disclose the prospective cabinet appointee. Mr. Barrow was speaking in an interview with TFM television on Sunday.

Reports have it  that Gambia gender activist Dr. Isatou Touray, of the Transition Team might be the likely VP to be appointed by President Barrow. Mr. Barrow said he will soon announce his cabinet. He also said he will return to Banjul soon. He did not give any date and time of his home return.

Mr. Barrow also talked about organizing a swearing in ceremony on February, 18th, which coincides with Gambia’s independence day. He said he couldn’t be sworn in the Gambia, largely due to former dictator Jammeh’s defiance attitude to facilitate a safe and smooth transfer of power. He said African Heads of State would be invited to witness his second swearing in ceremony in Banjul. 

President Barrow noted that Mr. Jammeh had to relinquish power—thanks to the intervention of ECOWAS. He said Jammeh has no choice but to step down. He added that president Conde and the Mauritanian leader came on board the negotiations after Jammeh personally contacted them for help.

Regarding the agreement reached between Jammeh and his government not to seize Jammeh’s assets, bar him from the country, or harass Jammeh’s supporters, Barrow said there was no signed agreement reached. He noted that the document in question was a resolution pending approval from both parties. He confirmed the existence of such a resolution reached. He pointed out that no signature has been appended on the document yet.

Mr. Barrow also told RFM he has made it clear to Jammeh and ECOWAS that Jammeh’s security cannot be guaranteed if he lives in the country. Hence, they demanded that Jammeh should leave town.

Jammeh, he said, wanted to continue to live in the Gambia, as a private citizen, but his government maintained that it couldn’t guarantee his security. That Jammeh could pose as a destabilizing agent while residing in the country.

Mr. Barrow thanked President Macky Sall and ECOWAS for facilitating Jammeh’s departure from the country. He said his government will ensure that there is smooth bilateral ties between the Gambia and Senegal.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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