Fairness in journalism means exploring all sides of an issue and reporting the findings accurately.Members of the public should never be used to exaggerate the importance of a news story.

In case of the Joint Statement from the ECOWAS and African Union on the allege “draft” published in their websites and quoted by CNN and AlJeezera ” ensuring Yahya Jammeh at liberty to return to The Gambia at any time of his choosing ” and among other things.I think Gambia government or spokesperson had the right to reply to be published or broadcast to set the records straight than relying on private Facebook account.

In cases where there are allegations of wrongdoing,fake news,CNN and AlJeezera need to offer a fair opportunity to respond to allegations or false news before the same medium broad cast or publication.That response or rejoinder need to be accurate records of when, how and where the person or news outlet was approached along with their response to the offer.That the response needs to be broadcast in the same programme, or at the time ,as the allegation is made.Facebook, RTS, Freedom Newspaper, Gainako and Fatu Network are not the right medium to response to allegations or fake news reported by CNN and AlJeezera.

Written Alagi Yoro Jallow

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