Dear Pa,

Prior to the declaration of elections results and swearing in of President Adama Barrow, it was principally and legally right for Gambians to listen to Halifa Sallah, Mai Ahmed Fatty, Dr. Isatou Touray or any other person in the coalition. With effect from the 18 January 2017, the Gambia has a new Government in the person of Adama Barrow who is the commander in chief of the Armed and security Forces. Granted, Jammeh was holding the whole world for days before he left yesterday. 

What is constitutionally and fundamentally wrong is for any private citizen, who has not been appointed by Barrow to give directives and assert authority from the 18 January 2017. Private citizen includes: Forgotten Hamat Ngai Kumba Bah of NRP, Halifa Sallah of PDOIS, Omar Amadou Jallow of PPP, Dr. Isatou Touray, Mai Ahead Fatty of GMC, Silent Henry Gomez and all other parties who formed a coalition and supported Independent Candidate Adama BARROW, now President. Some will argue that they formed the new government. This is not guaranteed by our constitution. 

All civil servants must be appointed and/or employed by the Government.  Right now, the persons who has authority to speak for the Barrow government is the Secretary General and Head of Civil service, Speaker of the Assembly, and the CJ. In the absence of Barrow from State House, the proper person to direct the affairs of the Gambia is the Speaker like it or not.

All other members of the coalition should wait for appointment according to law and stop representing me as a Gambian. My President is Adama Barrow. If you want to act authoritatively instruct President Adama Barrow to appoint you.

I didn’t quote any section from the constitution, should you doubt this just walk into any country and tell them you representing Gambia Government without any letter of appointment or a note verbal.

From A Concerned Gambian

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