I appreciate the fact that you are not a lawyer and not friendly to the constitution of the Gambia. You may have aides, who are presumably lawyers but please on a daily basis, be reading the constitution of the Gambia you swore to defend. 

I was monitoring Halifa Sallah’s Press conference where he confirmed that Mrs Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang, has been appointed as Vice president in accordance with the Constitution of the Gambia and powers vested on you by the very Constitution. Job well done for starting a government. However, I did a due diligence and browse searched for her age and I found it on She is actually according to the website, she born on 22 October 1949 at Brikama. Now that brings her age to 67 years and 2 months with 23 days!

Appointment of Vice president

Adama, Vice president is appointed by a president upon powers clothed on the president by the constitution of the Gambia 1997. According to section 70 (2) of the 1997 constitution, it states:

     A person shall be qualified to be appointed as vice president if he or she has the qualification required for the election of the president under section 62.

For clarity,  section 62 (2) states

   A person shall be qualified for election as president if:

   (a) ….

   (b) he or she attained the minimum age of 30 years but not more than 65 years

To break it down, the term minimum of 30 means the person cannot be less than 30 years of age and not above 65 years. 

We know smartness exist in all sectors but professionalism is required in this new government who accused Jammeh and his Government of flagrant violations of our constitution.

Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang is a public figure and has worked with UNDP and other agencies. She was also a onetime Secretary of State and the idea of manipulating her date of birth is a nonstarter. 

What did our constitution you swore to defend say about this?

Section 5 (a) (1) of the Constitution of the Gambia 1997 gives me the right to seek for a declaration of any unconstitutional decision made by you Mr President in court for that appointment be declared a nudity.  I can also process to seek redress under section 5 (a) (3) for the National Assembly (NA) to pass a bill for your removal from office for abuse or willful violation of the constitution.

Similarly,  see it on  67 (1) (a) deals with situations like this in a democratic government. Only of you want to tell me that I will not succeed because you have the backing of the Interim President  of the Lawyers Association, Lawyer Ousainu Darboe and Mai Ahmed Fatty. Well, the era of Jammeh is over and fear is over as well. 

It is still not late, redo your appointment immediately and with a public apology to restore hope in me that this is not worse than Jammeh in office.  I call upon you to change your mind because your right hand woman is older than a Vice president envisage by the Constitution you swore to defend.

By this letter, Mr Halifa Sallah is also encourage to prevail on you to follow the constitution.

Written By A concerned Gambian.

Editors note: Opinion pieces written by outside writers not associated with the  Freedom Newspaper, do not necessarily reflect the views of this medium. Thanks for your attention. 

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