The confusion over the missing millions as reported by Mr. Mai Fatty in a press conference held in Dakar and debunked by Honorable Halifa Sallah hours after this statement was made is sending the wrong signal to a confused and apprehensive public. It is an aberration for Mr. Sallah to defend Yahya Jammeh in the media or to allow Jammeh’s appointees to audit him. It is like asking the son to investigate the father. This new Government must speak with “one voice” to stop the confusion about the missing money.

There is nothing wrong to disclose pertinent information to the public especially the global banking institutions to raise the alarm to monitor the movement of funds on behalf of the former president especially into his numerous bank accounts stashed away in many foreign countries. ECOWAS is now ready to bring back the amount if it is proven it had been stolen by Yahya Jammeh.

State resources were plundered to pay for war

Threatened with military intervention in the weeks leading to his final capitulation, former president Jammeh was ready to do anything to defend himself from any attack by ECOMIG, the regional troops under the command of Senegal. There is no doubt that funds were needed to pay for his defense and without any financial support coming from the few friends he has, the embattled Jammeh started the plundering of state resources to pay and organize for special mercenaries from the neighboring countries and also to motivate the troops who were ready to come to his defense.

This is the real motivation behind the massive withdrawals of funds within a period of two weeks which attracted the attention of some international institutions monitoring the political developments in the Gambia. Mr. Fatty made the right thing to immediately expose Jammeh to the world pending any audit or investigation on the matter. Does this necessitate the angry condemnation from his colleague especially in the international media such as the BBC? This demonstrated a lack of cohesive communication strategies within the coalition and must be addressed immediately. This would never happen in Jammeh’s administration.

The new President must come and take charge of the situation

The delayed return of H.E President Adama Barrow from Dakar to assume his responsibilities as head of state is already worsening an already perplexed situation especially the different information we are receiving from the media. In my opinion, the role of spokesperson ended the day President Barrow was sworn-in and Instead of openly condemning the allegation which raises concerns about the veracity of the information coming from one of the coalition members who is also part of the president’s team of advisers in Dakar, Mr. Sallah should have simply qualify that statement with a caveat asserting that “the matter is subject to further investigation by the police.” This would have lend credence to the idea that the allegation is under investigation.

By unapologetically denying the allegation and going further to show his proficiency on government procedures and processes, Mr. Sallah is unwittingly exposing the division within the coalition. Spokespersons relay information to the public they don’t make decisions. That is the prerogative of the president. We voted for Adama Barrow to lead the nation he must expedite his return to fill up the power vacuum that is being undermine by Jammeh’s cronies.

Honorable Halifa Sallah Is the right Candidate for Speaker of the National Assembly

With Mr. Sallah’s deep background in National Assembly matters and a former Pan-African Parliamentarian who is a staunched believer in human rights, good governance and people’s power, Honorable Sallah would make a wonderful contribution in the legislative branch of government. His proficiency in the provisions of the Constitution as well as being a firm believer in the rule of law put him in good stead for speaker in the third republic. When many Gambians doubted whether elections could bring about changes in the leadership of this country, Halifa always believes that change ca be achieved through the ballot. Halifa has a lot to helping to bring genuine parliamentary democracy to the Gambia. President Macky Sall did for Mr. Mustafa Niass who turned out to be one of the best Speakers in Senegal.

With the wrong signals being relayed, it is important to allow the views of other members of the coalition team such as OJ, Hamat Bah, Dr. Touray, Mr. Mendy and Lawyer Darboe who all contributed immensely toward the victory of Adama Barrow, be heard. Avoiding giving out contradictory information to the public is one way of demonstrating unity of purpose and what better way to do it than have a common communication strategy and ready to tell the truth as it is.

By: The Insider Analyst


I will continue to use my pen name even though Jammeh is gone. To do otherwise will be construed as being a coward and I am not a coward. My mantra is “the message is more important than the messenger”. We are recently seeing certain government officials openly criticizing Jammeh in both the print and online media even splashing their photos everywhere. The question is: Why now?

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