The disgraced Gambian former Interior Minister Ousman Sonko, has resurfaced in Bern, Switzerland, where he is seeking political asylum, according to the Swiss press. Mr. Sonko, who had earlier arrived in Sweden, got rejected for any asylum benefits. Hence, he later proceeded to Switzerland. He arrived in Swiss in November.  

“Mr. Ousman Sonko, has been with us in the Canton of Bern since last November. He has been hosted at an asylum center. Mr. Sonko, has filed for an asylum,” said the Bern police and military Director Hans-Jürg Käser. Hans-Jürg Käser, was quoted as saying by a Swiss TV station Rundschau, that Mr. Sonko wanted the Swiss government to grant him political sanctuary. 

A Swiss newspaper also quoted the Swiss TV station about Mr. Sonko’s presence in the Switzerland. The paper reported that Mr. Sonko, was one of Jammeh’s henchmen and enablers.

The former Minister has been accused of partaking in extra-judicial killings, torture and kidnapping of perceived political opponents. Mr. Sonko’s name featured in the murder of journalist Deyda Hydara. This was adequately covered in a bestselling book published by the Freedom Newspaper Editor

Mr. Sonko, reportedly settled in Spain, after his asylum request was rejected in Sweden. He is now in Switzerland.

On January, 18th, we received an email from a Swiss Journalist, requesting information about the disgraced Minister. The journalist also today reported about the said story: . Below is the email: 


Dear Mr. M’Bai,

I’m a journalist in Switzerland and currently researching on Gambia. In this connection I need some background information about Gambian politics.

In particular I’d like to know about the role of the former Secretary of the Interior, Ousman Sonko.

Can I get in touch (e-mail or phone) with you or someone else who can provide me with information ?


Franziska Ramser

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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