We have received the news of the 30th December Terrorist Attack on the State House by Gambian dissidents with great shock and disbelief. Their ill-intended plan to cause instability and hurt innocent citizens of our country will never succeed no matter who supports them for their actions were despicable and cowardly.

The outcome of their treacherous endeavour against your Administration simply shows that goodwill always triumphs over evil. It is also clear that the Almighty Allah will not be on the side of anyone who intends to overturn the verdict of the Gambian people and reign havoc on the country.

We join all well-meaning Gambians and decent voices the world over, in condemning this brutal action by unpatriotic and misguided elements against your Administration, and the peace-loving and God-fearing people of our beloved country.

The long-term peace, stability and prosperity we enjoy under your abled leadership, is by no means accidental but through your steadfastness and untiring efforts in asserting our Independence and protecting the welfare of the Gambian people.

Insha-Allah, The Gambia will continue to remain peaceful and prosperous under your dynamic administration despite the fruitless efforts of detractors, saboteurs and their backers.

In this moment of trial, we continue to pray for Your Excellency’s personal wellbeing, that of your family, the Government and people of The Gambia.

May the Almighty Allah (SWT) protect Your Excellency from all satanic forces and their evil plans to reign havoc on innocent and peace-loving people of our dear country.

Excellency, please accept the assurances of my most distinguished considerations and esteem.

Masanneh N. Kinteh


Embassy of The Gambia, Havana, Cuba

Source: https://observergm.com/ambassador-kinteh-amir-trawally-others-condemn-terror-attack/

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