Guinea Conakry, is one country that the new government needs to closely watched. Gambia’s destabilization might emanate from Guinea, based on the information we are gathering at this hour. Dozens of Jammeh’s former assassins have been harbored in Guinea. Millions of dollars of stolen Gambian money are being stashed in Guinea.

President Alpha Conde’s intervention in settling the Gambian political impasse was a welcomed development. But the truth be told; Guinea is harboring former soldiers and officers, who can destabilize the Gambia militarily. There is a major security risk here.

We just gotten off the phone with someone, who has a list of former Jammeh enablers, and assassins harbored in Guinea. The names and address were these former killers are hosted is in the possession of our source. He cites security related issues in publishing the list and the addresses. That if the said list is published some of the ex-soldiers might abscond to neighboring Bissau, Mali, and elsewhere in Africa. He promised to share the said information later.

The Republic of The Gambia plane, has been grounded in Guinea. It is sitting at the airport hangar in Guinea Conakry. This was the plane President Conde, and his entourage used to fly to Guinea, when Jammeh boarded a different flight destined for Guinea Conakry, and later Equatorial Guinea.

Reports have it that the Republic of The Gambia plane was loaded with an unspecified amount of foreign cash. Millions of dollars were loaded in the plane.

Guinea, under the leadership of President Conde, has a lot to answer about this open conspiracy to loot Gambia’s funds and assets. Over twenty luxurious cars were ferried into Guinea, through a private Cargo jet. Our sources in Guinea, have confirmed the presence of Jammeh’s cars in Guinea.

The former interim President of Guinea Saikouba Conateh, who is a close buddy of the former Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, was also pulling the strings from afar. Conateh, and one Tibou Camara, an in-law to Jammeh’s wife Zeinab Souma Jammeh, have investments in the Gambia. The duos owned properties in the Gambia. The luxurious twenty storey building situated along the Kairaba Avenue roundabout belongs to the duos. There are other investments in the country belonging to the two Guineans. The source of their investments in Banjul remains a mystery.

It is not clear if the source of their investments in Banjul, was stolen money. This is where we need the new government to employ the earth of Diplomacy, in infiltrating the Guinean security and Diplomatic Community to account for the stolen Gambian millions.

Conateh, has a history of dodgy alleged illicit monetary smuggling. He was onetime busted by US Customs agents for allegedly refusing to declare huge amount of cash he had on his possession while trying to enter the US. Criminal charges were even proffered against Conateh by the Feds. This was the guy, who bought a house in North Carolina.

Both Conateh, and Tibou Camara are close buddies of Jammeh.

The new government needs to investigate the assets purportedly owned by the duos. It should also make a request for the grounded plane belonging to the Gambia government be returned. The stolen money in Guinea should also be recovered.

President Conde has been hailed for his role in convincing Jammeh to leave town.  But Gambians should connect the link between President Conde, Jammeh, Saikouba Conateh, and Tibou Camara. There are two powerful and influential folks around Conde, who have strong investments in The Gambia. It is not in the interest of Conateh, and Camara, for the current dispensation to stay in power. Keep in mind that they owned assets in Banjul.

While Jammeh’s boys are being hosted at a luxurious military instillation in Guinea, there is no guarantee that they will not be used by Jammeh, or other interest groups to organize a rebellion against the current government.

Guinea, has in the past been linked to harboring Sierra Leonean and Liberian rebels during the late Foday Sonko rebel incursion. At the time, there was a cross border rebel movements. The Mano River neighboring countries have accused each other of harboring rebels.

In order to avoid the replica of the Mano River decade long war, the international community should deploy heavy intelligence presence in Guinea, to monitor the activities of the harbored Gambian assassins in Guinean soil. We rest our case!

Written By An Editor 

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