Lance corporal Toumani Jallow worked as plain cloth security officer. He was arrested shortly after arson attacked on the Aprc political bureau.

He was picked up by the Notorious National Intelligent agency and some members of the states guard when he reported for duty who whisked him away and since then he has not been seen or heard. 

He is my nephew and the family is with the assumption that he might be detained at one of numerous detention centres spread through out the country.

But following the executive order by the new Government to release all political detainees and anyone detained unlawfully.The family embarked on a frantic search in order to know the whereabouts of Lance corporal Toumani Jallow but all efforts proved futile.

We the family are appealing to his colleagues and close friends in the security services specially those officers who were directly accused to be involved in the touching of the political bureau of APRC to please get in touch with us.

The information you give may be vital in locating Toumani Jallow either dead or alive. According to our own investigation the officers who absconded are very close to Toumani Jallow and the investigative authorities have accused him of communicating with them. They claimed to have found some text messages in his phone send by at least two of the absconded soldiers requesting for a favour.

We again appealing to those soldiers to contact us and anyone who might have a vital information as He was arrested in front of his colleagues specially plain clothes officers.

We have the issue here but now we gathering the facts in order to proceed with the case to the relevant authorities. We the family want to know the arresting officers, where he was taken to for questioning and where he was detained and probably where he was buried if killed.

Gambia is a small nation someone somewhere knows those arresting officers please provide us with one name can lead to many names and any information provided will be treated with strict confidentiality.

We are not going to rest until we bring Lance Corporal Toumani Jallow home dead or alive and those responsible face the long arm of justice.

Hiding a murderer is a crime the next victim could be your own child.We will never forgive Yahya Jammeh and his thugs and no matter how long it may take they will face justice. Please any information message me using email provided

Written by Sulayman Kebbeh 

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