Hello again. I am astonished to see Gambians moaning, and whining at the appointment of the VP. Especially, what is shocking is the nature of objections that we hear from highly learned and educate people also. It is nothing but petty jealousy of people. I find it very disappointing that the objections I see relate to the age, citing the constitutional requirement as one of the reason.

I sincerely hope the new administration does not behave like “some” of the very stubborn HR professionals  in a large corporation do and state- “We have always done it this way”. “It is our company policy to adhere to follow the guideline”. These two attributes are the biggest contributors to the downfall of an organisation and such organisations are doomed to die their death. I hope that the new administration takes this on board.

Whilst I appreciate a constitution is a sacred text of any country and all citizens and institutions governed by the constitution must follow it. But to be  successful one must consider a different angle and look at the bigger picture. And that is to do things in its spirit. Just like a big corporation would often bend rules when hiring for key C and B level positions. They do this regularly because top talent is a really much sought out and a rare commodity. It is therefore essential that when hiring top talent one looks at the bigger picture.

From where I stand, I see that without the learned lady Mrs Tambajang there would be no successful coalition, no Mr Barrow as the President, and likely Mr Jammeh would still be around. Can these moaning, jealous Gambians not see her competencies, her authority, her influencing style, her persuasiveness, the way she instills confidence amongst ordinary and common folk? She is truly magnificent Pa in every sense. Gambians and Gambia should be very proud that they  have someone of her magnitude as the right hand of Mr Barrow. What has her age got to do with her abilities and competencies? It is very disheartening that whilst Gambians yearn for a change some of them are still so narrow minded, and prefer to delve on petty and trivial anomalies. I’d urge them to think big and outside of the box.

Mrs Tambajang from what I read is a qualified, highly educated, and incredibly experienced  and a brilliant strategist. She will no doubt be instrumental in steering the country to a positive height. She is a natural leader who is both able and capable to instill confidence bring together the ordinary, educated and political class together. Gambia needs leadership that unites and is not divisive. Mrs Tambajang has proven to be exactly that – She unites. Her influencing skills are second to none. She would out of her experience know what ticks within the diplomatic circles, international community, trade partners of the new Gambia, The UN and so much more. Gambia and Gambians in my view are very lucky to have her as the VP. If this was possible I would ask Theresa May to hire her service . Even The UK needs someone like her.

Can people not see if this wonderful, and a competent person could single-handedly uproot and disintegrate Jammeh &Co how she might impact on the Gambia, particularly in the longer term.

I wish her all the luck in steering the dear Gambia to new heights.


Rakesh Sharma

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