Since you have a legitimate concern regarding the legality of the swearing in of the president, I think you could have simply sent an email to Mr Sallah and am positive it would have been given the consideration it deserve . Granted we want to hold our leaders accountable, I commend you for that, but now is a time to contribute towards the way forward by channeling ideas and concerns to the right places . our country has never witnessed change of government through the ballot box, not even to mention the uncharted territory we found ourselves in after December 5th.

Am sure you will agree that the Gambia army under the previous president was far from professional, thus warranted outside intervention. as a result the new government has to seek security assistance until such time trust is earned between the executive and the security services . 

Independence day is not about who matches for who, but rather a commemoration of a historical events which every Gambian should celebrate with pride and reflection of the country you want to continue to live in.

For the Gambia ever true 

Forward ever backward never . 

Modou Cham

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