Dear Mr. Editor: Re: Gambia: Scandal: UN Workers’ Badge Suggests Gambia’s VP Pick Is Overaged!


Gambia: Scandal: UN Workers’ Badge Suggests Gambia’s VP Pick Is Overaged! 

What is the scandal about this?

I am just astounded at the uproar about the Vice president being so called “overage”! Gambia please wake up and adapt to the norms of the 21st century. Your folks  are probably the only folks in the world that had nothing better to do but to make a fuss about the age of your vice president who is not even up to 70 years old! Here in USA we had a 70 years old woman nearly winning the presidency.

When she was putting together the coalition that liberated you from Jammeh’s bondage how come you did not say that she was “ineligible” and “overage” to liberate you from Jammeh’s bondage so that you could stay in Jammeh bondage till so to say till the “kingdom come” or joined the rank of the “missing” or jailed!

This is a woman that any country would be happy and proud and love to have as a president or vice president.  How come all these people that are “age appropriate” coming from the woodwork now castigating the vice president as being “overage” didn’t lead the revolution to kick Jammeh out.

This lady is the mother of your revolution, a true woman warrior and the hero of your third Republic! She stuck her neck out to liberate you and your “Thanks” to her is that she is “overage”?

It reminds me about the experience of Moses after liberating  the Israelites out of bondage from Egypt

Per your constitution. Did your constitution allowed Jammeh to mistreat the population and the citizenry as he was doing?  Did you complained about it?

As long as you keep on hammering on the dictates of Jammehs’ “constitution” which is nothing but Jammeh’s scratch and playbook; you are still indirectly under his rule! You need to liberate your minds! I bet had Jammeh had turned 67 years or 70 years in office he would have amended your “constitution” to serve his purpose.

Was he not saying that he would rule for a billion years if Allah wills?. Obviously he would have been more than 67 years old and a million years old and am sure you would not have said Jammeh is one millions old he can’t rule again. As he would amend it to increase the age bracket that fits his situation.

 Your constitution only serves two purposes to keep Jammeh in power and weed out his opponents. You need to reform your constitution so that it will serve the best interest of all Gambians, the one you currently have is nothing but Jammeh’s scratch and play book. Depriving yourselves the services of a dynamic  leader who had the insight and vision to craft a winning coalition together because of your so called “over age” will be like robing yourselves and will only keep your country’s underdeveloped  and its leadership in the hands of armatures





FYI, the person that published her personal information could be prosecuted  here with more than two years jail sentence and fined here in USA for “Privacy Act Violation” if she chose to prosecute the person under the USA laws such information are never shared with public or even a third party as it is a violation of the”Privacy Act”. The person should have used his zeal and investigative skills  in locating the vice president’s  private and personal information in a better way that could have helped  and benefited the Gambians  and used such talent to discover those that “Disappeared” under Jammeh .

If Jammeh was to rule for a billion years Allah willing as he said, he would surely have to be more than 67 years to be able to serve for a billion years, the constitution need to be trashed and another one that comports with our more than time drafted. Would Gambian deprive itself of experienced and visionary leadership due to the age of the person as long as the person is capable and willing to serve?

Thanks again with you help the population will be enlightened


Editors note: Bay, thanks for the concerns raised on the said story. As far as the Gambian Constitution or the US Constitution that you invoked in your write up is concerned, the Vice President is a public officer (servant). Hence, he or she’s life is not private. The public reserves the right to know about he, or she’s life if controversies of her legal age is raised. There is no intrusion of her privacy, as far as the published piece is concerned. Please read the 1997, Constitution and that of the US Constitution, and reeducate yourself about the public’s right to know. 

For her to sue the parties, that you alleged to have intruded into her privacy, she must prove in a competent court of law, what they called malice, and acting out of good faith. We hope you are not confusing the privacy of a private citizen and that of  a public servant. In view of the nature of VP’s job and taxpayers monies being spent on  her, the public reserves the right to be told by the media about her job activities, health, private life, family life, and public functions.  We rest our case. 

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