A Desperate Yaya Jammeh tried  to keep all the perks and drive Gambia into insolvency, helped to free up a lot of people to fill in the blanks of his character for themselves, in less than 2 months.

Of late there’s been a lot of debate, largely in the context of happenings in post elections, the absolutely preposterous system of dictatorship still slowing us down and formation of new Government. So let me get this straight: Obviously, Yaya Jammeh spoke of himself as a man willing to give up everything for the good of the nation. But when he was leaving, he borrowed air cargo planes , friends provided jets , others provided parking boxes — to loot everything he could lay his hands on. Essentially the poor Gambians have to deal with this uphill burden, because the dictator has no patience and was determine to solved all his future insecurities, foibles, and leisures — whiles in exile. Yaya Jammeh was not prepared to make any sacrifice as he bargained, abuse all the privilege given to him all the way to the last minute. His action lent new meaning to the word “Greedy”.

Conversely speaking, Yaya Jammeh didn’t want to leave Gambia. He engaged in a relentless pursuit of pathetic flimsy excuses , trying to stop the motorcade several times “ Oh I forget my watch in the hotel” and tried to secure for himself a last-minute pardon. It’s the kind of double standard that leaves ordinary Gambians shaking their heads in disbelief. Before he left Gambia, he started feeling the realities of living in exile that he put many families through. All that time Yaya Jammeh was thumping his chest on GRTS camera’s, he was on another mission In the course of “draining the swamp od money ,” at the Central Bank. We also saw him trying to pass Amnesty quickly, just to dodge himself of responsibility for his toxic crimes on many families and to the Nation.

Another thing that surprised many to point of disbelieve is —Yaya Jammeh was unflinching in punishing our Nation into war and at the same time, trying to clean the nation’s treasury empty. He tried very hard in his secret negotiations with ECOWAS, UN and Au, — absolving himself of both responsibility and tried to secure a sovereign immunity to stay in Gambia or return at some point. This was another way of stating that he exercised bad judgment through out his Presidency willingly , and he wanted to be protected from the consequences, by creating a political impasse to steer panic in the hearts of Gambians — just to get his wishes. When he faced stiff headwinds , he took the opportunity to reconsider his decision only when he was given an ultimatum to leave or be arrested.

So far, the government watchdog groups are trying to assets how much revue was lost through out that crisis he intentionally created to distract the Nation. There’s hope that the Gambian Government might able to come up with an estimated figure . That turned out to be his only “wish” before he skipped town for E. Guinea. In a sense, it is a repetition of what Dictators do at their last moments. This surely is one of the explanations why Yaya Jammeh position himself to mount a continuing campaign of terror.

The same goes for dangerous mastermind of terror Osman Sonko, who likes to portray himself almost childlike innocence. The former brutal interior Minister — Osman Sonko stupidity, is the gift that keeps on giving. Every country he goes to knock on their doors for asylum , he gets the same answer— No, go back where you first stopped at ! People like Osman Sonko and Yaya Jammeh — when they speak with false tales, you might admire them for their insouciance or feel sorry for them; when it a fact that they were contributing to sub regional instability and promising even greater disaster for the WEST . It does not take much street smarts to figure out — these two men were among the architect to terror. They tried to give contradictory excuses that were later revealed as the dumbest and weakest of excuses, thinking they can exploit people. Instead, they were given a long rope to hang themselves. Sadly, they were able to coax and mislead many Gambians, who refuse to connect facts laid in front of their eyes.

It is no secret that Yaya Jammeh positioned him to mount a continuing campaign of terror on Gambians after Elections. Therefore , we need strong post Election laws to make sure everything that happened, does not get repeated again- including making major decisions, whiles being a lame duck President. And this is unfortunate. We must write laws (Entrenched Clauses ), anticipating all the worst possibilities that can happen after elections and putting in appropriate measures to prevent them. Much has been said already about the Dictator using our National Assembly, to pass laws that only favored him and contributed to the public’s fatigue, after the long years of seemingly inconclusive war Yaya Jammeh had against Gambians.

The primary obligation of Coalition Government leadership and Parliament, should be to examine current situations with more information than the average citizen and to anticipate the problems ahead. Then the necessary decisions, however difficult they are, have to sold to the public and placed as laws to protect the Country and Gambians . As for Yaya Jammeh supporters who preponderantly had no problem in cheering – and defending him up to the last moment to such an extend that they felt comfortable with whatever he said as the only gospel truth, get ready for the Truth & Reconciliation commission . As for those who thought allegiance to Yaya Jammeh trumps ethics and moral values, its time for them to hang their heads in shame and ask forgiveness at the future Commission that will be set up to know the truth.

By Habib

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