The Commander of the military police at the State House Lieutenant Nuha William Jammeh, is said to be on the run. He reportedly fled The Gambia, few days ago. Mr. Jammeh, effected the arrest of the GAF officers held days after dictator Jammeh’s term expires. Some of the arrested officers were detained at the NIA and Yundum barracks respectively.

Today, Lt. Nuha Jammeh, is nowhere to be seen. He has fled Banjul. He is believed to be in Senegal. His official roaming line suggests that he is within Senegalese jurisdiction. His cell phone has been switch off. All calls placed on Nuha’s line went on voicemail.

Lt. Nuha Jammeh is a native of Kanilai. He came from the same village with dictator Yahya Jammeh.

Prior to joining the army, Lt. Jammeh, enrolled at the Gambia College in 2001 to study Higher Diploma Teaching Certificate (HTC). He graduated in 2004. He taught for one year and later joined the army.

A former classmate of Nuha Jammeh said: ” He was a very quiet chap; very religious for that matter. He was very easy to get along with at the time. With Yahya Jammeh, you never know. He can turn good people to monsters.” 

Nuha, was commissioned as a Cadet officer, and later sent on military studies to the United States. He was elevated to the rank of Lieutenant. He was the Commander of the State House military police.

His colleagues at the military police said they believed that Mr. Jammeh has deserted his job. They said they couldn’t establish contact with him since the fall of dictator Jammeh. Hence, Nuha Jammeh, has been declared AWOL (absent from the army without leave). 

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai 

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