Jammeh’s most brutal intelligence chief Yankuba Badjie, was seen at the airport welcoming president Adama Barrow. This was the guy running Jammeh’s torture chambers. He has the guts to still mingle with the very people he exposed to all sorts of inhumane treatment. Gambians forget so easily. No one is talking about Yanks’s role in aiding and abetting Yahya to torture, rape, and kill our people.

Some naïve and dishonest Gambians are currently trying to sanitize Badjie. They said he was not taking part in the tortures, and killings. That he only facilitates the arrest of our citizens, and jungullars would execute the orders to torture and kill detainees. How laughable and absurd is that? Come on Gambians..

Yankuba Badjie is a certified assassin. He is bad as Sanna Manjang. Yes, he is presumed innocent, until proven guilty by a court of law. But we shouldn’t allow him to get close to president Barrow. This guy is a villain. Straight up.

There shouldn’t be selective justice. Yanks Badjie should face justice. He should be suspended until his fate is decided. He should also be interrogated.

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