Two leading members of the former Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh’s assassin team have been issued with false IDS and passports by The Gambian Immigration Department, and are currently on run to escape justice from Gambians that they have exposed all sorts of violations—ranging from false arrest, abduction, torture, rape and murder, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Sanna Manjang and Sulayman Sambou, were allegedly issued with fake IDS and passports by one Babucarr Bajinka, a Migration officer, at the Gambia Immigration Department. The Driver, who delivered the fake documents to them goes with the name Bakary Saidy, according to sources reaching us at this hour.

Manjang and Sambou, who are notorious members of former dictator Jammeh’s assassin team known as the “jungullars” were spotted in Cijan, in the Southern province of Casamance. The two killers were said to have moved to Guinea Bissau, as soon as they received the false documents issued them by a Gambian Immigration agent. Their plans is to use the back way and subsequently resettle in Europe.

Senegalese intelligence officers have been searching for the duos, but they are yet to locate Manjang, and Sambou. There has been strong presence of Senegalese intelligence agents in Cijan, since the news of the duos presence in Cijan came to their attention, sources said.

Sanna Manjang and Sulayman Sambou have been accused of committing crimes against humanity. The duos used to supervise Jammeh’s torture chambers. They have also been accused of taking part in the torture, raping and killing of political opponents.

Sanna Manjang, and Sambou both hailed from the Fonis. Mr. Manjang is related to the Bajinkas. The Immigration officer, accused of aiding the duos from escaping justice could not be reached for comment.

The duos are armed and deadly. If you happen to see them in your neighborhood, please contact law enforcement. 

In the meantime, there is another called jugullar Lamin Badjie, AKA Kassa-kunda. Badjie is said to be planning to abscond, or has already absconded. Sources said the Mr. Badjie has been complicit to some of the atrocities committed by Jammeh’s certified killers. 

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