Hi Pa,

I didn’t see anywhere on your website where I could make a comment so I thought I would drop you an email.

I just read on the internet where President Borrow has proposed an overhaul and renaming of the feared National Intelligence Agency.  I was wondering why one of the smart people he has on his transition team didn’t advise him to go one step further and eliminate the NIA completely!

Why I would advise the elimination of the NIA completely;

1)       I doubt it existed before Yahya came to power and if it did it must have been a very small staff.
2)      It existed only to serve Yahya.
3)      They were 100% loyal to Yahya.  How could President Barrow ever trust any of them in the future?  Who knows, Yahya may still have some rotten apples in the barrel reporting to him.
4)      There is no telling how large an agency it is and how many people are being paid by the bankrupt Gambian government.  This is an unneeded drain on the new government.
5)      Elimination of NIA would be a clear message to the Gambian people and the world that President Barrow wants to move forward.

I am sure the President must have hundreds of people trying to tell him how to do his job. This is just the thoughts of an outsider, but a true friend of the Gambia.


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