For too long Baboucarr Sanyang, has been subjecting us to demeaning harassment and has instilled fear in Gamtel/Gamcel, just like dictator Jammeh did to the Gambians.  He has this divide and rule policy and only rewarding those that he thinks are loyal to him and suppresses the real workers.  

Baboucarr is probably richer than Gamtel, thanks to the International gateway he is managing with this crook Swiss company called MGI together with Bala Jassey, Saul Badjie and Yahya Jammeh.  For a start, they decided to move Gamtel/Gamcel from the ministry to the President’s office so that they can rob the nation without the ministry staff knowing. 

Then they moved the gateway from Gamtel to the office of the president to keep a tight control over their deals.   Initially, they were allocating $300K to Gamtel out of these millions and the rest was going to the central bank where Yahya Jammeh was the sole signatory after he removed Sabally as the signatory. For the past few months, these monies have not been coming to the Central bank but instead Bala Jasseh, Baboucarr, Yahya Jammeh and MGI only know where this money is going to.   Please look into this urgently now to stop further damage.

MGI was keeping over $700K a month for Baboucarr, Saul Badjie, Bala Jessay to share. This was normally managed by Bala.  Baboucarr  now has a storey building in Brusubi, Kalagi, and Barra.  He is also building a holiday resort around Sanyang and has two other compounds in Brusubi.  Recently, he has built a store in Gamtel premises in Brusubi showing what kind of he man he is.  He thinks Gamtel belongs to him.  No time should be wasted to set up a commission of enquire on Gamtel. Some of the properties he put in his wife’s name and he thinks we are fools. 

We have seen many Gamtel managing directors but nothing like Baboucarr Sanyang yet.  No wonder if you make an empty linesman an MD, this is what you get.

Written By An Insider

Editors note: We were recently contacted by Balla Jasseh’s lawyer, who is based in the Gambia. The lawyer, said his client wanted to shed light on some of the allegations contained in the previous piece written by the Gamtel insider. The lawyer told us that his client wouldn’t mind to be interviewed to set the records straight. We never heard from Balla or his lawyer since the last time we spoke to his attorney. Mr. Jasseh is more than welcome to state his other side of the story. Thanks for your attention. 

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