It made me sick to my stomach to see the pictures of one of Yahya Jammeh enablers in chief at the airport welcoming President Barrow. The Director of NIA the dreaded criminal organization that terrorized, tortured, rape, jailed and murdered so many Gambians, the sycophant Yankuba Bagjie was shamelessly standing in line with his ridiculous dark glasses acting like he is a responsibility God fearing human being, we all know him for the monster that he is. His hands are covered in the blood of innocent Gambians. He stood there looking smug and laughing at the same people that suffered terrible injustice on his command. Why must Gambians be subjected to such spectacle. Is there no one in the coalition that recognized this horrific symbol, this arrogant display for what it is. A slap in the face of all Gambians. And why did President Barrow not just ignore him and send a clear message that he will not play with the devil. Why shake his hand? Why allow him near the President? The man ought to be charged for crimes against humanity.

President Barrow wants to keep the NIA, but change the name of this organization. Why? The NIA only purpose was to serve Yahya. To intimidate and kill his opponents or force them into exile. Our country is a peaceful nation. What use is a secret police or paramilitary apparatus in The Gambia. What is the need for GAF for that matter. Sure we need a professional police force to ensure internal security, law and order. We don’t need to spend our hard earned income for a force that is inconsequential and purposeless in the geopolitical sense. GAF cannot protect our nation from any external threat. We all saw how they were doing push-ups for the ECOWAS troops. If it is not so embarrassing, it is laughable. Beside being used as an instrument of intimidation and coercion against our people it’s useless and should be phased out. As is NIA, the Navy and Air Force. The new administration priorities should be education, jobs and economic opportunities for our youths. We don’t need uniforms and guns in the hands of thugs.

I understand that the Barrow administration must first take control of all branches of the military and security organizations before making changes, but it is important to also send clear message to Gambians and the world that we want a peaceful transition and we are committed to building a peaceful society. There is no place for the remnant of a brutal and dangerous legacy of the last 22 years in The Gambia.

God Bless The Gambia

Dr Isatou Sarr

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