Saidina, I challenge you to bring forward any evidence be it audio video or written where President Macky Sall made an electoral promise that the people of Casamance will have their independence. We are in the Internet age and every thing is documented and archived. I challenge you to show the proof of your claim.

The people of Casamance are a diverse group of tribes and the Jola tribe claiming independence represent the minority tribe in the Casamance region. The Fulas in fact is the majority tribe. Had the Jolas been the majority tribe, the struggle for the independence of Casamance would have been history long time ago.

The Jolas simply think they own Casamance hence the birth of the MFDC in 1982 spearheaded by Labbe Diamacoune. The Casamance conflict is adequately documented and can be goggle to learn its history from its inception from the pros and cons. It is therefore very important to note that in this day and age of the Internet one should be extremely careful what to say.

Saidina, Senegal got their independence from colonial rule since 1960 and the rebellion started only 22 years after independence. Senegal being a relatively democratic country the Jolas could have gone into politics since 1960 and have administrative and political control of the region but they failed to do that and preferred instead cessation and went to the governor’s office and forcefully lowered the flag of Senegal and hoisted the MFDC flag hence the beginning of the hostilities.

Jolas are very conscious that they have never been and are still not the majority tribe in Casamance hence the struggle for a Jola territory cannot hold in a multiracial society.

Saidina remember that Africa is moving towards integration hence the birth of the AU, the ECOWAS and all other regional groupings. Our silly colonial borders were meant to keep us weak, divided, manipulated and exploited.

Our forefathers who fought for independence have told us over and over that Africa’s salvation lies in unity and not separation and today with 58 states in Africa all that we experience are, civil and military dictatorships, wars, tribal conflicts, famine, poverty, underdevelopment and terrorism. The few existing democratic and semi democratic African countries are a beacon of hope for the rest of Africa to follow suit.

It is high time that the Jola tribe in Senegal, Gambia and Bissau think unity and forge ahead to integrate society in general and take their rightful position thru education, politics and economic development.

Jolas will never win an armed struggle no matter how long and how hard they try.

It is only wise and high time for Jolas to change strategy and adapt democratic means of making the Jola people achieve a high level of living for generations to come. I wish the Jolas to stop fighting and be highly educated, unity oriented and enterprising and join the administration and politics of Casamance in particular and Senegal in general as they do in the Gambia. Mayor Abdoulaye Balde is a shining example. Any one who encourages the Jolas otherwise is simply taking them to a death trap and a dangerous trajectory. Today’s military technology and science do not favor guerrilla warfare.

Saidina the struggle for land and separation is now outmoded in this world, the best gift one can offer to its people is economic prosperity and democracy and this applies to all tribes in the Senegambia region and beyond.

Our well being and strength is to forge ahead for Senegambia security integration; this will stabilize our democracy, our peace and prosperity in the region.

Many Gambians think Senegalese are coming to take our government administrative jobs in the Gambia, what a stupid thinking of some naïve people?

I love all tribes in the Senegambia region and beyond and pray that only hard work and merit should guide our actions.

Finally Saidina, Gambians have voted Jammeh out and President Macky Sall and ECOWAS help us impose the respect of the verdict of the people. Nothing can change this honorable historical fact no matter how hard one tries to distort it. We cannot but thank President Macky Sall for standing strongly by the side of the will of the Gambian people and for making sure our electoral verdict is not confiscated by an undemocratic villain in the person of ex-president Yaya Jammeh.

As long as I am alive I will advocate for building the Farafeny Bridge forthwith.

After 40 years of many technical feasibility studies approved several times over, the funds available and the foundation stone laid for the work to start only for Jammeh to back down at the last minute for obvious political reasons, We the citizens of the Senegambia need this “Toll paying” bridge immediately to go about our social and business activities without the need for time constraint and unnecessary ferry delays.

Finally we need a Senegambia Military High Command Structure whiles the two national armies continue to exist in our respective countries. This will ensure a highly trained army, guided by military standards and merits ready to defend the republic, the constitution and the electoral verdict of the Gambian people as obtain in Senegal and elsewhere.

This military configuration will also ensure professionalism, peace and stability in Senegambia.

A strong democracy can only be guaranteed a strong republican army.

Only then will all other institutions be democratic and respected and serve the interest of the people.

Long live the people of Senegambia. Long live ECOWAS.

Written by Pa Njie Girigara.

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