Gambia: Gamcel Insider Defends Seedy Jaiteh, Saying Seedy Was A Victim Of Witch Hunting!


Good morning Mr Mbai,

I am a keen follower of your educative radio shows and newspaper.  I must admit that you are the best journalist Gambia ever has. May Allah continue to bless you abundantly and protect you from evil.

I want to shed light about Mr Seedy Jaiteh, a former Gamcel Employee’s case.  Mr Jaiteh was jailed for that alleged fuel theft in 2011 and got released by the former government in 2013 through a Presidential pardon. 

In November, 2013, he was reinstated to his position of Director HR for Gamtel and Gamcel. He served that position diligently until August, 2014 when Baboucarr Sanyang the MD solely transferred him without due course to the Department of Corporate Affairs. This brought a contention between the two. Considering Mr Jaiteh a season HR Personnel, it was baseless to transfer him to a unit whose functions are mainly masonry, carpentry and other civil works. He therefore refused the transfer. 

He was reported to the NIA and was detained until recently when he was released. As an internal staffer, I can assure you that his detention was just for WITCH HUNTING AND NOT THE FUEL THEFT. 


Written By An Insider 

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