Dear Pa,

There is no doubt that the NIA are indeed infamous and need retraining as far as their duties are concern. President Barrow, acting on pressure and I’ll advise has just renamed the National Intelligence Agency as State Intelligence Service.  That may be of with me so that the name will not keep threatening Gambians. 

What President Barrow is not mandated to do constitutionally is to issue executive orders or directives which contradicts Acts of Parliament. With all due respect, the NIA was related by an Act of parliament and their duties and function and responsibility is well spelt out in the NIA Act in the laws of the Gambia.

The question now is who do we follow? President Bardow’s orders for the NIA not to arrest, detain and the NIA Act which is the existing law empowering the NIA to perform to exercise the functions of police officers which includes arrest, investigation and certainly detention. 

President Barrow, we have been following you and your nonsense term of legal experts to drive us crazy these days worse than JAMMEH.

You told the members of press that your government will not be working with executive orders or directives and yet you just unconstitutionally stripping of NIA powers given them by an ACT of parliament which laws you swore to defend and uphold.

Can you please request for the  NIA Act and see their power. You are not above the laws  Mr President!  

Enough of your constitutional violations! 

Direct your Minister of Justice to draft an amendment to the NIA Act and send it to parliament to our own and let them act on it and you assent it to law the  it becomes effective.

From A Concerned Gambian

Editors note: The views expressed in this write up do not necessarily represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. 

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