Veteran Gambian Intelligence officer Musa Dibba, has been appointed to head the newly created State Intelligence Services (SIS). Mr. Dibba, is a career intelligence officer. He has a law enforcement background.  He used to work with the police, the defunct Special Branch, and the National Security Services respectively.

Mr. Dibba, who was fired from the NIA, about a year ago, was reinstated during the political impasse, but he declined the appointment accorded to him by the former dictator Yahya Jammeh. Mr. Dibba, was said to have refused to accept his appointment citing personal reasons.

Transition sources said Mr. Dibba, was today hired by President Barrow to run the SIS with immediate effect. Yankuba Badjie, the former DG of the NIA has been asked to stay home until further notice.

Mr. Dibba, is a native of Banjul, Tabaccoroad. He is originally from Badibu. He was arrested during the March, 2006 failed coup. He was held for sometime before he was released and reinstated back to the NIA. He was made to report to the police for over a year before he was finally reinstated into the NIA. 

Mr. Dibba, has been widely viewed as a seasoned and professional intelligence officer, who will no doubt run the SIS, with utmost professionalism. Dibba is a University graduate. He is a Masters’ Degree holder. 

Mr. Dibba could not be reached for immediate comment. 

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