None of the Coalition leaders were signatory to the D10 million dalasis expenses. They were also not consulted before such bogus expenses were made.

It is a tradition under Jammeh’s rule for such expenses to be made each time the dictator is to be welcomed from his endless overseas trips. The SG Pa Musa Jallow, and the Permanent Secretary decided that D10 million dalasis should be withdrawn from government coffers to cater for the expenses of Barrrow’s homecoming welcome.

A source, who reached us said: Before the arrival of Barrow in Banjul last week, the Secretary General/ Mediator General Pa Musa Jallow, requested 10 million Dalasis from ministry of Finance for the celebration. The problem is the money was never used and he is not talking about it anymore. People at the Finance Ministry are talking about it.  Investigate. He wants to walk away with it.”

Finance Ministry sources have corroborated our source’s news tipoff. Our sources said the D10 million dalasi was withdrawn and purportedly used for Barrow’s welcome celebrations. But the source could not tell for certain as to whether the entire D10 million was used for the purpose it was meant for.

“It is only the SG Pa Musa and the Permanent Secretary, who can shed light on the actual expenses of the funds withdrawn. D10 million dalasi was way too much for Barrow’s welcome reception,” said the insider.

Pa Musa Jallow and the PS could not be reached for immediate comment. Sources said the Transition government is yet to take concrete steps to account for the purported D10 million expenses.

In another development, reports have that some dishonest government workers in the former government have been selling fuel coupons in an attempt to empty state coffers. Millions of dalasis worth of fuel coupons have been sold to the public. Reports also have it that some government Ministers and officials have absconded with state funds during the political impasse.

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