Gambia: Africell’s treatment of their Gambian employees


Hi Freedom,

This is an anonymous tipper. I wanted to share something with you about the relationship between the Africell employers and their Gambian employees.

This is being done because none of the Gambian employees with their families and friends are happy with the way the Gambian employees are being treated. So many people have wanted to do something about it but there was no chance of that happening given the government’s situation at the time. But now in shaa Allah since the government’s situation has changed, in shaa Allah we can help our brothers and sisters going through hell working for a company that’s in their country and treating them like slaves! Please I wish to stay anonymous.

“Africell employed over 30 Lebanese and the lowest salary paid to a Lebanese employee is $1,000 after tax: they are all paid in dollars. The salary of one Lebanese is equivalent to the salary of 9 Gambians. 30 Lebanese multiplied by $1,000 is equal to D1, 260,600 and if this amount is divided by the number of average paid Gambian employees, the amount will be D4, 500 each which means that a month’s salary of 30 Lebanese employees pays 280 Gambian employees a month, that’s even more than the number of employees we have in Africell.

Eighty Percent (80%) of the Africell employees that have been working here for over 5 years till now receive less than D7,000 salary before Tax. We only get salary increment at the end of each year and the highest increment is D200. Employees working overtime, on Sundays and holidays are being paid D100 a day and above all Media House staff work more hours than everyone else (sometimes from 8am one morning to 6amthe next morning) especially when there are Africell sponsored shows, they are paid even much less. Being a supervisor in Africell, is just having the title without any formality or paper work and with or without the paperwork you are paid the same salary as a junior staff/normal agent.

If the Gambian supervisor is being paid D8, 000 before tax what do you imagine their juniors are being paid? (Between D3000 to D6, 000 before tax) The Credit allowance given to a Gambian employee is D550 and the credit allowance for a Lebanese employee is D7,050. During the Tobaski, Africell used to give Former President Yahya Jammeh 300 rams and for the africell staff they just provide 30 rams and put it on a raffle draw between 280 employees.

If Africell staff lodges a complaint against Africell to Pura, labor law or the Office of the former President, they never look into the case Please help us Freedom, we want the new government to help us look into the conditions of the staffs in Africell” 

Sent to me by a current employee of Africell who also wishes to stay anonymous. Thank you in advance. 

If you need more details, please do let me know. My source is very much reliable and please help us make a big deal of this issue.

Written By A Concerned Gambian

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