It has been brought to our attention that our lead story captioned: “Gambia: Breaking News: Million Dollar Lobby Deal Exposed: President Adama Barrow’s Gov’t Hires US Lobby Firm To Help Lobby President Trump” contained factual error. The headline of the story doesn’t represent the main content of the piece. Scribe Strategies & Advisors, a Washington DC, based Lobby Firm, was never paid million dollars by the new government of President Adama Barrow, as reflected on the previous headline of the story published. The Lobby Firm never demanded money from the new government, based on the new information we received. The lobby had extended it services to the government in Banjul, on pro bono basis, according to what we were told. 

In the spirit of responsible reporting, we apologize to the Scribe Strategies & Advisors, lobby firm, including all the parties affected by the caption of our story. To err is human, and we therefor apologize for the misreporting. Henceforth, we have corrected the headline of the previous story.  Thanks for your attention.

Freedom Newspaper Editorial Team

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