I was very impressed by your article setting the records straight about the American lobbying firm. This makes me trust more the information I receive from your medium. Thanks for being responsible and doing the right thing. I am very proud of you my brother. 

I  want to suggest to you to seriously consider organising a consultation amongst the various Gambian online media groups about harnessing limited resources to tap into a television opportunities in the Gambia now that the political climate has changed.  I would hate to see that opportunity lost because we let our pride stand in the way. I know everyone wants to do it  by themselves but the reality says different.  I hope everyone sees the business sense to come together to make it happen. 

I pray that Allah may put it in  your hearts to help Gambians take lead roles in  the Gambia.

To the Gambia ever true 

Forward ever, backward never 

Written By Modou Cham

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