Mr. President.

Please remember it was 227000 voters and 98000 voters more who voted for you and against ex-president Yaya Jammeh. Gambians mobilized themselves to fight against unconstitutionality, corruption, illegality and nepotism. As such we the Gambian people do not want to see the repeat of such in the New Gambia even if the constitution was tailored to suit ex-president Yaya Jammeh.  It is the law of the land.

Until these bad laws are changed and the rule of law followed to the letter they will remain binding on us. As such any action that contravenes them is a great cause for concern for Gambians and the World at large. Mr. President you should take heed of your Uncle’s advice in good faith and look and think beyond politics, party and clanship.

Mr. President in 2011, I personally donated over One million dalasi to the UDP for the 2011 presidential campaign. Lawyer Oussainou Darboe can bear me witness. Lawyer Darboe is my very good brother and a lot of good deeds have happen in between us over the years.

Anty Fatumata Jallow Tambajang is my sister whom I knew since 1977 well before Yaya Jammeh came into power and verily Aja Fatumata is a great and humble woman in whom I have high regards in many respects. Amadou Sanneh is also my good brother and privy to my involvement with the UDP in 2011. All of the above Freedom fighters deserve more than what you wish for them but Mr. President the law is the law.

Mr. president for the longest time I fought Yaya Jammeh openly and covertly and had decided to also put my financial help behind Candidate Mama Kandeh during the past elections for strategic political reasons and Thank God it paid its dividends. Alhamdulillah.

Mr. President I am not a member of any political party and never held any position in any political party in the Gambia. Gambians at home and in the diaspora know I have contributed a lot both financially and with advice in the struggle to remove Yaya Jammeh from power. I am now a very happy man that Yaya Jammeh is history in our beloved country. I am also a satisfied businessman who had decided to desert the Gambian business market for political reasons and settled in Senegal and Mali.

For the records Mr. President, in 1994, I supported Yaya Jammeh until we fall out in 2001 at the end of his second term in office. As a democrat I told them from Day One that I will only support them for two terms as demanded by the Gambian people during the 1995 Constitutional Consultative Committee Tour. Yaya Jammeh himself and the AFPRC approved the two-term presidential limit. When this two-term provision was removed from the constitution I decided that I would only support them for two terms and this I did as a matter democratic principle and conviction.

In the 2006 presidential elections I did not participate or support the APRC whence my total fall out with ex-president Yaya Jammeh.

Mr. president I had to expose this short overview of my participation in Gambian politics in order to allay doubts for my writing this letter in support your Uncle’s legal and constitutional concerns. Mr. President there cannot be but one president in any country in this world and at the end of the day no one will be blamed but you Mr. President.

Yes Lawyer Oussainou Darboe contributed immensely in the struggle, yes Amadou Sanneh contributed and suffered and lot in the hands of the old regime, yes Aja Fatumata Tambanjang contributed a lot in forming the Coalition that lead to your victory but Mr. President if I were you, I will firstly work on adhering to the legal rules and changing the laws FIRST and thereafter appoint whomsoever you please. That is the way to go and anything short of that is taking the laws of the land in your hands and signal the continuation from military dictatorship to a civilian dictatorship.

I beg you Mr. President not thread on this illegal route as Gambians and the World are watching your every move and action as the Custodian of the Constitution and the Commander in Chief. You could help the above people in other ways until such time that you can appoint them in accordance with law or a new constitution.

May Allah guide your actions in the delivery of the mission entrusted to you by the Gambian People!

Thank You Sir.

Written by Pa Njie Girigara.  

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