Dear Pa,

Kindly allow me to respond to the smear campaign being orchestrated by remnants of Jammeh’s loyalists still in the system ready to derail our new found democracy.

Mr. Amadou Sanneh was convicted in a frivolous case masterminded by the very people that are today shamelessly declaring loyalty to President Barrow. The offences he was sent to jail were fabricated by agents of the NIA planted as UDP supporters. Just like how Solo Sandeng was framed until he met his untimely dead. Where are those 13 people who were set free during the UDP trial?

It saddened me to hear so-called lawyers making reference to our constitution now which they know had been raped and abused on several occasions by Yahya Jammeh and none has ever raised any objection at the time. The only time that Jammeh make reference to the Constitution was when he was firing ministers. 

Amadou Sanneh will make a fine finance minister given his background in both private and public financial management systems. As a matter of fact he is one of few finance minister who worked as accountant general before which will make him in good stead form this job. 

Both Lawyer Darboe and Mr. Sanneh have suffered enough injustices just for opposing Yahya Jammeh. It is time to turn a new page and allow this new government to prepare for the enormous task of re-building our nation and stop the smear campaign by the political and so-called legal vultures still active in our system

How many students of Jammeh’s tribe have been issued with official letters of sponsorship from the Office of the President signed by Yahya Jammeh sent to many universities abroad who have never attend a single course in those places and are still illegally resident abroad? 

Lawyer Darboe did the right thing when he learned that Solo Sandeng was murdered after being tortured by the NIA. Is there anything wrong to demand for the body of one your party executives?

Please give us a break and allow these people to do the work they were sworn to do. 

Insider Analyst

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