Conventional wisdom dictate that to every wrong or abuse of office there is always a first. We demand action from the Barrow administration to provide us proof regarding the age of appointed vice-president. There have been several requests from different quarters that fell into deaf ears. We are not going to be taken for a ride any more, we seek answers now asap. We supported change for the better not more of the same.  We all demand transparency from everyone in the coalition, we are not making another dictator, enough of the maslaha syndrome our leaders are going to be accountable to us. Giving us answers is not a favor but at a minimum an expectation that cannot be swept under the rug and hope that we will go away.

We all agree and thank Mrs. Tambajang for her role in shaping the coalition but that is not a reason to disregard the constitution.  She could serve the government in a different capacity, just not as vice-president for now pending constitutional amendment. Every member of the coalition need to speak up loud for your individual integrity is on the line. I urge you all to not fail your conscience and the Gambian voters, because trust is earned. Don’t be against Mrs. Tambajang but be for what is right stand up for the inconvenient truth.

Mrs. Tambajang I urge you personally to not let a position or office cloud your judgement. As a believer let the truth prevail be at peace with Allah. If no one else knows your age you do. You owe it to yourself, your family and your country. Let’s remember that we all fought tirelessly to have righteous leaders. I trust that you will do the right thing that is expected of every Muslim as the vice-presidency can’t replace your relationship with Allah. 

To Gambians please don’t make it a personal matter my purpose is to speak to something that needs to be addressed now, because if we let this one go then we are headed to a slippery slope. We should remind ourselves that some of you hope to lead our motherland in the near future and if we can’t count on you about an evident matter that is well documented, then I am to tell you that we will fight with everything we have to denied you all that opportunity. We will prevail ball is now in your court play it well the world is watching. 

For the Gambia ever true 

Forward ever backward never 

Written By Modou Cham 





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